The Best Time to Floss

From “What Is The Best Time to Floss—Before or After Brushing? A Spring 2015 poll asked readers if they brush before or after they floss. The results were close: 53% said they brush before, while 47% said after. So who’s right? Technically, everyone. The most important thing about flossing is to do it. As long […]

How beverages can affect your teeth.

Check out this link for a great article on choosing what to drink 🙂

How much does fluoridating tap water matter?

Fluoride in tap water has been described to be very beneficial at preventing tooth decay, but specifically how much an impact does adding fluoride to tap water have?  Since the early 1970’s when fluoridation began, the incidence of decay in permanent teeth of high school age children dropped from 90% to 60%.  After placing a restoration in […]

Milk contains sugar too.

Every parent wants their children to be cavity free. We all want our kids to maintain their teeth and to have positive, easy going experiences at the dentist. In our small patients who do have decay, we often review their diet and beverage choices with mom or dad. We have found that these choices are […]

Asthma & Oral Health

Can your asthma affect how often you develop cavities? A review of several studies highlights the increased risk for cavities in patients who are taking medications for asthma. Having a normal salivary flow helps prevent decay and promotes the remineralization of softened enamel. An inhaler can cause a reduction in saliva and therefore increase a […]