The Best Time to Floss

From “What Is The Best Time to Floss—Before or After Brushing? A Spring 2015 poll asked readers if they brush before or after they floss. The results were close: 53% said they brush before, while 47% said after. So who’s right? Technically, everyone. The most important thing about flossing is to do it. As long […]

Midwinter Meeting Wonderland

Our office recently attended the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting. We enjoyed a great environment, and classes on all aspects of patient care. Looking forward to sharing new research with all of you!  

How does pregnancy affect my mouth?

Hormonal changes  associated with expecting a baby can affect your gums, causing swelling or tenderness.  Your gums may also bleed when you brush and floss. This condition is often referred to as “pregnancy gingivitis”. The gum tissue itself can also get one or more red lumps that often occur between teeth.  These bumps are sometimes […]

Osteoporosis Medication Concerns

Many areas of the literature lately have alerted patients and physicians to the risk for severe jaw infections associated with an individual having teeth extracted while on medications for osteoporosis. In the most recent summary of recommendations from the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs the highest reliable estimate for these infections in all patients taking […]

For those caring for ageing relatives:

Many of our patients partner with a nursing home or an in-home caretaker for their ageing relatives.  As we get older, regular brushing and flossing can aid in reducing complications of more serious general health challenges.  Please continue to communicate with family members, facilities and caregivers about the importance of oral health care in our loved […]