Welcome to our practice.  We take pride in providing high-quality, personalized dental care that allows our patients and their families to feel comfortable.  We prioritize prevention & promote an environment that will allow each individual to feel well cared for over their lifetime.

Dr. Dennis Beck DDS

Dr. Dennis J. Beck

Dr Beck has been a part of the Wheaton community his entire life.  He’s a graduate of Loyola University Chicago and he followed in his father’s footsteps to obtain his DDS degree from Loyola University in 1982.  Since then he has served the residents of Wheaton as well as patients from many surrounding communities.  Dr. Beck is an active member of the Chicago, Illinois & American Dental Societies.  He is known for his excellent skill second only to his caring manner.  He deeply values the patients that have chosen to be a part of his practice.

Dr. Nicole Rogers DDS

Dr. Nicole Rogers

Dr. Rogers graduated from Northwestern University undergraduate followed by the University of Illinois at Chicago with her DDS degree in 2007.  She has since been practicing with her family and she loves it.  Additionally, Dr. Rogers has taught at Midwestern and UIC dental schools.  Dr. Nicole is a member of the Chicago, Illinois & American Dental Associations.

Dr. Mark Beck DMD

Dr. Mark J. Beck

Dr. Beck graduated from Augustana College and next earned his DMD degree from Midwestern University in 2016.  He is happy to be working with his father and sister on serving an outstanding community of patients.  Dr. Beck is a member of the Chicago, Illinois & American Dental Associations.  

We are fortunate to have fabulous people as a part of our hygiene team:  

Kathy Gnidovic, Judy Casaccio, Jen Meinel & Hillary Budzynski.

We are thankful to have shared many years working with Faith Aagaard.  She has recently decided to retire from treating patients and she is dearly missed at our office.  Thank you for all that you have done for us Faith!

Each one of our staff bring their own blend of expertise and compassion to the patients they see, providing care for many of our patients over the last 20 years.  Our hygiene staff all have families of their own and enjoy working with both children and adults to improve their oral health and promote whole body well-being.  Each are RDH certified & spend time throughout the year with continuing education classes on topics such as diabetes, periodontal disease, and systemic health.