Can I just try the antibiotics?

If you’ve been diagnosed with an abscess caused by a tooth you have most likely discussed various courses of treatment with your doctor to help that area heal.  Many patients have symptoms associated with an abscessed tooth, however often people will have an infection and continue to function pain free.  Sometimes antibiotics are the first step in treatment and they will often help reduce swelling and pain to the point where a patient will feel 100% better.

Please note, the associated tooth still needs care!  Weather the treatment plan includes removing the tooth, endodontic care, or periodontal cleaning it is very important to follow through with a course of treatment recommended by your dentist.  We have seen multiple cases of people ignoring the problem after antibiotics have alleviated their initial symptoms.

In 2007 alone 7,886 people were hospitalized due to periapical abscess.  The average patient admitted stayed nearly 3 days in the hospital and the visit cost averaged $13,590.  Unfortunately, a dental infection is never pleasant but following through with the prescribed course of care can save time, money, pain and stress down the line.  We are here to help!

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