Milk contains sugar too.

Every parent wants their children to be cavity free. We all want our kids to maintain their teeth and to have positive, easy going experiences at the dentist.

In our small patients who do have decay, we often review their diet and beverage choices with mom or dad. We have found that these choices are most likely what has led to cavities – more often than if the child does a good job brushing his or her teeth.

Water is the BEST choice for something to drink at any time during the day. Milk and juice, even when watered down both have sugar in them that leads to cavities over time. When mealtime comes a glass of milk or juice is delightful. In between meals it’s best to keep your kids hydrated with water, particularly during the toddler years when they are still perfecting their brushing. Cavities in toddlers are more challenging for many reasons, most of all because they need their baby teeth until they’re in middle school, some kids keep baby teeth until high school!

Keep your kids teeth healthy and the whole family out having fun by enjoying ice water this summer.

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