My temp fell off.

During the process of restoring a broken down tooth with a full coverage crown, or cap, one often has a temporary crown placed.

A temporary crown protects the tooth from sensitivity, maintains normal feel and function, as well as acts as an interm restoration.  A temporary crown, while not meant to last more than a few weeks, protects the natural tooth from shifting out of place.

When a temp crown falls off, while not a true emergency, it is best to contact your dentist promptly to have the crown replaced.  Living without the temporary crown, even in the abcense of sensitivity, can lead to the gums becoming inflammed over the edge of the remaining tooth structure or the tooth itself shifting out of its original place.  Both scenarios can lead to needing a new impression and adding an extra step to the restorative process.

When out of town and unable to see your dentist, any drugstore will carry a temp crown cement kit to be your own at home dentist.  We will often make our patients who travel often their own boy-scout caliber kit.

Baby your temp crowns and they will treat you right, finishing with a new crown in no time.

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