Patient Insurance Information

We accept all dental insurance plans.  If your company offers a choice of insurance plans we are happy to help you make an informed decision.  As a courtesy to you, we will file your insurance claims.

Dr. Beck is an in-network provider for Delta Dental Premier however we have patients with many different insurance plans. Here are some examples of the insurance providers our patient’s have:

It is important to contact your insurance carrier to determine your benefits.  Patients should familiarize themselves with the coverage on their plan (exams, prophies, flouride, restorations, crowns, etc).  Ultimately, patients have the responsibility to know their plan’s coverage.

We specifically encourage patients to check on two common areas of potential conflict.  First, note when the new year begins for your coverage plan, a new year of benefits does not necessarily begin with January 1st, it instead will depend on when your plan was initiated by your company.  Additionally, policies tend to cover either 2 prophy (cleaning) appointments per year or one every 6 months.  In the case of one every 6 months, scheduling is very important so that the patient receives the maximum coverage.

For your convenience Dr. Beck offers CareCredit as an option when a payment plan is needed.  We ask that you pay for any portion of services which your insurance plan does not cover at the time of your appointment.