The Best Time to Floss

From “What Is The Best Time to Floss—Before or After Brushing? A Spring 2015 poll asked readers if they brush before or after they floss. The results were close: 53% said they brush before, while 47% said after. So who’s right? Technically, everyone. The most important thing about flossing is to do it. As long […]

Midwinter Meeting Wonderland

Our office recently attended the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting. We enjoyed a great environment, and classes on all aspects of patient care. Looking forward to sharing new research with all of you!  

A Great Day with Preschoolers!

This week our fabulous hygienist Judy & our outstanding assistant Marin visited St. Michael’s preschool. They talked about the importance of brushing because the “sugar bugs” are around, as well as eating healthy and staying away from soda.  Happy National Dental Health Month ????

How beverages can affect your teeth.

Check out this link for a great article on choosing what to drink 🙂

Why a Philips Sonicare? -JCasaccio

At Drs. Beck and Rogers’ office you hear us speaking, nagging and pleading (I personally call it motivational speaking) to look into investing in a Sonicare toothbrush. Trust me, we have many other thing we would like to talk about i.e. ourselves, Juan Pablo, etc. Sonicare is a leader when it comes to oral health […]

World Oral Health Day 2014

World Oral Health Day is March 20th this year!  Take a moment to appreciate a healthy happy smile…

A healthy mouth lowers patient’s risk for HPV infection and related oral cancer.

According to a study from the University of Texas Health Science Center a person’s choice to maintain a healthy mouth can lessen their risk for HPV related infections. HPV infections can lead to oral cancer. Doctors diagnose a increasing number of HPV related cancers each year. A good home care routine, and an overall healthy […]

Take care with Tylenol

Patients need to be careful when not feeling well.  One common over the counter medication for pain, Tylenol, contains acetaminophen.  Acetaminophen is also found in prescriptions with different names such as Vicodin as well as in generic cold medicines.  In cases where a patient may be taking multiple medications for pain please consult with your doctor or pharmacist to ensure that […]

Asthma & Oral Health

Can your asthma affect how often you develop cavities? A review of several studies highlights the increased risk for cavities in patients who are taking medications for asthma. Having a normal salivary flow helps prevent decay and promotes the remineralization of softened enamel. An inhaler can cause a reduction in saliva and therefore increase a […]