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Dr. Beck and his Staff are Terrific: I have been going to Dr. Beck for 15+ years. He is always very gentle on my sensitive teeth. I have never had a cavity and I owe that in part to Dr. Beck. His staff is incredible and they are trained on all the latest in dental technology. I hate the metal pick… So the hygienist uses a special ultrasonic pick that is virtually painless. I highly recommend this dentist!”

Good Dentist: Doctor Beck has been my dentist for 16+ years and he is always considerate and works with me to make sure I am pain free and have healthy teeth. He never suggests doing unnecessary dentistry and has a good network of specialists for referral when needed.”

There are not many dental procedures that I haven’t had and Dr. Beck has always been there for me. He has met me in the office at 11 o’clock at night (dry socket); 5 a.m. (abscess); holidays (replace a temporary crown). He has had wonderful, caring people working with him always. I honestly cannot think of any receptionist, technician or assistant who has not been incredibly kind to me. Dr. Beck has a great sense of humor, which I think is such an asset in his work. He is able to put people at ease.”

I also believe that cosmetically he does beautiful work. I do have dentures and implants now and have had some really nice compliments on my teeth from people who have no idea that they aren’t real. I was certainly not blessed with good teeth, but I have been lucky enough to find dentists who have made an unpleasant journey pleasant.”